The Project

Everybag is a Berlin based start up aiming to deliver the best shopping experience combining image recognition and a universal shopping cart. See something in a magazine or on a billboard, take a photo and everybag does the rest.

Both android and iOS versions have been developed with a common look and feel along with similar functionality while still respecting the different navigation patterns and UI components that are unique to both platforms.


In true start up fasion, the first job was to get a working prototype up and running to test the various steps in the process. We analysed best practice in e-commerce, and broke down the user journey to fine details in order to create a seamless journey for the user.

Creating a seamless experience from real world to online purchasing was the key aim of the project. The checkout flow reduces friction at key points by saving user's details and reducing the number of steps to a minimum from viewing and saving an item to placing the final order.