The Project

myWriteSmart is an writing editor designed for high school students in the States to complete their homework online. The application is a content driven module accessed from one of HMH’s Learning Management Systems.

In a nutshell, teachers assign homework to student’s in their class. Students can view instructions, access selected content such as html 5 E-books and resources to in conjunction with the online writing editor and submit the work digitally for the teacher to correct. I worked on this project as lead designer from wireframing through to design and build.


Initially the expectation was that a simple re-skin of an existing product was all that was necessary to make the application suitable for older grades so it was a challenge to convince stakeholders that the flows for younger and older students were fundamentally different.

The final product was a simple, clear application that keeps the user free from distraction and allows them to concentrate on the work at hand. The product is part of a suite of digital and print content that won HMH the contract to be on the preferred supplier list for all schools in the state of Florida.